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Founded in 1906, the French company MUGUET TEXTILES designs, develops, manufactures and sells luxury home furnishings that have made the company famous. With its tool Jacquard looms, Muguet Textiles offers high quality upholstery fabrics for the luxury market.

For over 10 years, the company has taken the turn of technical innovation by also offering Jacquard fabrics adapted to a more functional demand for textile materials.

Our main areas of operation are:

- Upholstery fabrics in the Luxury and Outdoor markets

- Fabrics for Public Transport (coach, bus, tram, subway, train, boats ....)

- Fabrics for renovations of old Vehicles (collection vehicle, modern saddlery)

Since December 19, 2013, the company is part of the group INDITISS SOFIDAP which has a consolidated turnover of 40 million euros with more than two hundred employees in the Roannais.

Our fabrics are manufactured in France at our Charlieu (42-Loire) and Coublanc (71-Saône et Loire) weaving sites, where there are 80 jacquard and weaving looms to answer any search for woven textile supports.

Our Research, Development and Styling department designs and creates new designs and develops functionalized textile solutions that meet the expectations of our customers.

Muguet Textiles has labels Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant and France Terre Textile.

This website allows you to visualize some of our creations, for Luxury Furnishings and for Public Transport

Enjoy your visit on our website.

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